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Britain’s Day-flying Moths:
A Field Guide to the Day-flying Moths of Britain and Ireland
David Newland, Robert Still, & Andy Swash
Technical Advice by Mark Parsons

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"[T]he book certainly lives up to WILDGuides' own very high standards and is a welcome addition to the lay naturalist's library. It ably demonstrates that the separation of moths and butterflies is an artificial one and will make any outing in the field more enjoyable, particularly for those who focus only on butterflies. We believe that this book will become an essential item in a transect walker's rucksack and will undoubtedly contribute to the awareness and monitoring of day-flying moths. As such, it is highly recommended."--Mike Wall and Peter Eeles, UK Butterflies

"You should add this publication to your bookshelves."--RC, Highland News

"This book would be a useful addition for beginners and intermediate-level lepidopterists to use in the field. It is well presented, in a clear format, and even comes with a protective PVC cover, and at a great price too!"--Jim Wheeler, Norfolk Moths

"[T]his absolutely wonderful guide is bright, beautiful, and--like the UK's day-flying moths--far more interesting than you might first think. Fascinating and extremely important indicators of the health of the environment, day-flying moths are nothing like as different from butterflies as you might think: buy Britain's Day-flying Moths, keep it handy, and watch any prejudices you might have against moths simply dissolve away."--Talking Naturally

"This little book represents an excellent source for identifying the regular day-flying moths. . . . [T]he book can act as a good first port of call when looking for an identification. The short section on micro-moths is also just a taster, which will hopefully lead the reader further into the subject. It is a practical book to take into the field, coming with a waterproof cover . . . it is a bargain introduction to these fascinating insects."--Neil Bowman, Birdwatch

"The book concludes with extremely comprehensive advice on Conservation, Legislation, Recording and Monitoring and Further Reading which is invaluable. . . . [A]nything which introduces the diurnal butterfly watcher to the wider nocturnal world of the moth enthusiast can only be applauded. It is a well-produced, informative guide, worthy of the series and certainly on this basis this reviewer wishes it every success."--John Phillips, British Journal of Entomology and Natural History

"As is usual with the WildGuides books, this is a well-thought and user-friendly guide. . . . Highly recommended."--BTO-News-online

"A useful addition to our literature, especially for butterfly enthusiasts and recorders."--Adrian Spalding, Entomologist's Gazette

"This book . . . is likely to prove an invaluable field guide for birdwatchers, general naturalists, wildlife photographers and others for whom moths are not the primary interest, as well as for people who simply love moths. It is far and away the best of the books available that I would be likely to recommend to complete beginners and hopefully it will encourage some of its users to look beyond the sunset, join their county moth group and discover the vast wealth of nocturnal species--many of which are just as photogenic!"--Colin W. Plant, London Naturalist

"The book is part of the excellent Wild Guides series, a fabulous series of wildlife guides published by Princeton University Press. . . . Britain's Day Flying Moths is a delight to browse through. The photographs are superb, and the information is very sensibly laid out. . . . [A] very well thought out, exquisitely presented guide . . . it even comes with its own plastic rain-jacket . . . a fantastic addition to any wildlife lover's collection of field guides."--Calvin Jones, Ireland's Wildlife

"Although this is a book I would mainly and enthusiastically recommend to beginners in anticipation that it will attract many to take a deeper interest in these fascinating insects, I am nonetheless very pleased to have it on my shelves."--Tom Gladwin, Country-Side

"This book is very much aimed at providing something interesting and useful for beginners and others (including non-entomologists) whose observations of moths are essentially casual."--Martin Townsend, Entomologist's Monthly Magazine

"Newland has written an excellent, superbly illustrated book."--Robin Page, The Lady

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File created: 4/24/2017

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