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Trigonometric Delights
Eli Maor

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Preface [in PDF format]


"This book will appeal to a general audience interested in the history of mathematics. I highly recommend [it] to teachers who would like to ground their lessons in the sort of mathematical investigations that were undertaken throughout history."--Richard S. Kitchen, Mathematics Teacher

"Here is trigonometry viewed through the lens of history--a rich, intriguing book that will leave readers shouting for Maor."--William Durham, author of The Mathematical Universe.

"[Maor] writes enthusiastically and engagingly. . . . Delightful reading from cover to cover. Trigonometric Delights is a welcome addition."--Sean Bradley, Mathematical Association of America

"Maor eases the reader from the mathematical puzzles of the Rhind Papyrus all the way to infinite series and the analysis of music produced by vibrating strings. Along the course, he leads a grand tour of the lovely but often neglected area of mathematics called trigonometry."--Jerry P. King, Professor of Mathematics at Lehigh University

"This is a rich and challenging book that will appeal to mathematicians and should help attract a newer generation to the subject. By putting the history back into trigonometry, Maor tells the many stories of trigonometry, and shows that what is often regarded as a collection of dry techniques is really a marvelous testament to thousands of years of human ingenuity and intellectual creativity."--Keith Devlin, author of Mathematics: The Science of Patterns and Goodbye Descartes

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File created: 7/7/2015

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