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bookjacketActive Galactic Nuclei:
From the Central Black Hole to the Galactic Environment.
J.H. Krolik.

bookjacketApplications of Modern Physics in Medicine.
M. Strikman, K. Spartalian & M.W. Cole.

bookjacketAstrophysics in a Nutshell.
D. Maoz.

Searching for Principles.
W. Bialek.

bookjacketCan the Laws of Physics Be Unified?
P. Langacker.

bookjacketClassical Electromagnetism in a Nutshell.
A. Garg.

bookjacketCondensed Matter in a Nutshell.
G.D. Mahan.

bookjacketData Analysis for Scientists and Engineers.
E.L. Robinson.

bookjacketEinstein Gravity in a Nutshell.
A. Zee.

bookjacketElectromagnetic Processes.
R.J. Gould.

bookjacketElementary Particle Physics in a Nutshell.
C.G. Tully.

bookjacketEngineering Dynamics:
A Comprehensive Introduction.
N.J. Kasdin and D.A. Paley.

bookjacketExoplanet Atmospheres:
Physical Processes.
S. Seager.

bookjacketExoplanetary Atmospheres:
Theoretical Concepts and Foundations.
K. Heng.

bookjacketFlight Dynamics.
R. Stengel.

bookjacketFrom Photon to Neuron: Light, Imaging, Vision.
P. Nelson.

blankjacketGalactic Astronomy.
J. Binney and M. Merrifield.

bookjacketGalactic Dynamics:
(Second Edition).
J. Binney and S. Tremaine.

bookjacketGauge Theories of the Strong, Weak, and Electromagnetic Interactions:
Second Edition.
C. Quigg.

bookjacketHigh-Energy Astrophysics.
F. Melia.

bookjacketHow Did the First Stars and Galaxies Form?
A. Loeb.

bookjacketHow to Find a Habitable Planet.
J. Kasting and J. Kasting and

bookjacketAn Introduction to Materials Science.
W. González-Viñas and H.L. Mancini.

bookjacketAn Introduction to X-Ray Physics, Optics, and Applications.
C. A. MacDonald.

bookjacketIt's About Time:
Understanding Einstein's Relativity.
N. Mermin.

bookjacketMathematical Methods for Geophysics and Space Physics.
W. I. Newman.

bookjacketMathematics for Physics and Physicists.
W. Appel.

bookjacketModern Classical Physics:
Optics, Fluids, Plasmas, Elasticity, Relativity, and Statistical Physics.
K. Thorne and R. Blandford.

bookjacketNuclear Physics in a Nutshell.
C.A. Bertulani.

bookjacketPhotonic Crystals:
Molding the Flow of Light (Second Edition).
J.D. Joannopoulos, S.G. Johnson, et al.

bookjacketPhysics and Technology for Future Presidents:
An Introduction to the Essential Physics Every World Leader Needs to Know.
R.A. Muller.

bookjacketPhysics of the Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium.
B.T. Draine.

bookjacketPlasma Physics for Astrophysics.
R.M. Kulsrud.

bookjacketPrinciples of Laser Spectroscopy and Quantum Optics.
P.R. Berman and V.S. Malinovsky.

blankjacketPrinciples of Physical Cosmology.
P.J.E. Peebles.

bookjacketQuantum Field Theory in a Nutshell:
(Second Edition).
A. Zee.

bookjacketQuantum Mechanics in a Nutshell.
G.D. Mahan.

bookjacketThe Standard Model in a Nutshell.
D. Goldberg.

bookjacketStars and Planets:
The Most Complete Guide to the Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and the Solar System.
I. Ridpath and W. Tirion and

bookjacketStatistical and Thermal Physics:
With Computer Applications.
H. Gould and J. Tobochnik.

bookjacketStatistical Mechanics in a Nutshell.
L. Peliti.

bookjacketStellar Spectral Classification.
R. Gray and C.J. Corbally.

bookjacketString Theory in a Nutshell.
E. Kiritsis.

bookjacketA Student’s Guide to Python for Physical Modeling.
J.M. Kinder and P. Nelson.

bookjacketSupernovae and Nucleosynthesis:
An Investigation of the History of Matter, from the Big Bang to the Present.
D. Arnett.

blankjacketSupersymmetry and Supergravity.
J. Wess and J. Bagger.

bookjacketWhy You Hear What You Hear:
An Experiential Approach to Sound, Music, and Psychoacoustics.
E.J. Heller.

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