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Lost Animals:
Extinction and the Photographic Record
Errol Fuller

One of's 2014 Best Books of the Year: Arts & Photography
One of’s "Holiday Gift Books Span the Science Spectrum" for 2014

Hardcover | 2014 | $29.95 | ISBN: 9780691161372
240 pp. | 8 x 10 | 53 color illus. 95 halftones.
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A photograph of an extinct animal evokes a greater feeling of loss than any painting ever could. Often black and white or tinted sepia, these remarkable images have been taken mainly in zoos or wildlife parks, and in some cases depict the last known individual of the species. Lost Animals is a unique photographic record of extinction, presented by a world authority on vanished animals. Richly illustrated throughout, this handsome book features photographs dating from around 1870 to as recently as 2004, the year that witnessed the demise of the Hawaiian Po'ouli. From a mother Thylacine and her pups to birds such as the Heath Hen and the Carolina Parakeet, Errol Fuller tells the story of each animal, explains why it became extinct, and discusses the circumstances surrounding the photography.

Covering 28 extinct species, Lost Animals includes familiar examples like the last Passenger Pigeon, Martha, and one of the last Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, photographed as it peers quizzically at the hat of one of the biologists who has just ringed it. But the book includes rare images as well, many never before published. Collected together here for the first time, these photographs provide a tangible link to animals that have now vanished forever, in a book that brings the past to life while delivering a warning for the future.

Poignant and compelling, Lost Animals also includes a concise introduction that looks at the earliest days of animal photography, and an appendix of drawings and paintings of the species covered.


"Erroll Fuller's Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record is a sad and moving collection of passenger pigeons, heath hens, Tasmanian tigers and other vanished animals. . . . [A] blurry glimpse is still a worthy glimpse when it comes to seeing a number of species in their last moments."--New York Times, The 6th Floor

"[A] natural history page-turner. . . . In the wrong hands a book like Lost Animals could be a wan march through a morbid family album, and there are certainly moments when the cumulative loss of these creatures seems overwhelming. But Fuller's knowledgeable, compassionate, and occasionally humorous narrative carries the day. . . . It takes a steady guide to lead readers through such territory, and Fuller proves up to the task."--Dianne Timblin, American Scientist

"The indistinct images here, though, are evocative; if they weren't among the last visions of these species, we probably would not pay so much attention to them. But here they are, scores of images, sometimes of low quality, reproduced in a large-format book, along with as much as can be known about how they happened to be taken, and with short histories of the demise of the depicted species. . . . It is a beautiful book; the species deserve to be remembered this way, but they didn't deserve destruction."--Rob Hardy, Columbus Dispatch

"Collected together here for the first time, these photos provide a tangible link to animals that have now vanished forever, in a book that brings the past to life while delivering a warning for the future. The photos, together with the well-written species accounts, including excerpts from writings of the day and reminiscings from firsthand experiences, the book is an excellent piece to have in your library or on your coffee table at home."--Chris West, Southwest Wisconsin Birder

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Table of Contents:

Introduction 8
Atitlan Giant Grebe 18
Alaotra Grebe 28
Pink-headed Duck 32
Heath Hen 38
Wake Island Rail 46
Laysan Rail 50
Eskimo Curlew 56
Passenger Pigeon 62
Carolina Parakeet 72
Paradise Parrot 78
Laughing Owl 88
Ivory-billed Woodpecker 96
Imperial Woodpecker 112
New Zealand Bush Wren 118
Aldabra Brush Warbler 128
Bachman's Warbler 134
Kauai 'O 'o 140
'O 'u 148
Mamo 154
Po 'o uli 158
Guam Flycatcher 166
Thylacine 170
Greater Short-tailed Bat 180
Caribbean Monk Seal 184
Yangtze River Dolphin 188
Quagga 194
Schomburgk's Deer 206
Bubal Hartebeest 210
Appendix 214

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Hardcover: For sale only in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines

Caribbean Monk Seal
Caribbean Monk Seal
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Paradise Parrot
Paradise Parrot
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Passenger Pigeon Chick
Passenger Pigeon Chick
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***Hardcover: For sale only in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines

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 Hardcover : $29.95 ISBN: 9780691161372

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