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Mathematics without Apologies:
Portrait of a Problematic Vocation
Michael Harris

Hardcover | January 2015 | $29.95 / £19.95 | ISBN: 9780691154237
480 pp. | 6 x 9 | 10 line illus.| SHOPPING CART

eBook | ISBN: 9781400852024 |
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What do pure mathematicians do, and why do they do it? Looking beyond the conventional answers—for the sake of truth, beauty, and practical applications—this book offers an eclectic panorama of the lives and values and hopes and fears of mathematicians in the twenty-first century, assembling material from a startlingly diverse assortment of scholarly, journalistic, and pop culture sources.

Drawing on his personal experiences and obsessions as well as the thoughts and opinions of mathematicians from Archimedes and Omar Khayyám to such contemporary giants as Alexander Grothendieck and Robert Langlands, Michael Harris reveals the charisma and romance of mathematics as well as its darker side. In this portrait of mathematics as a community united around a set of common intellectual, ethical, and existential challenges, he touches on a wide variety of questions, such as: Are mathematicians to blame for the 2008 financial crisis? How can we talk about the ideas we were born too soon to understand? And how should you react if you are asked to explain number theory at a dinner party?

Disarmingly candid, relentlessly intelligent, and richly entertaining, Mathematics without Apologies takes readers on an unapologetic guided tour of the mathematical life, from the philosophy and sociology of mathematics to its reflections in film and popular music, with detours through the mathematical and mystical traditions of Russia, India, medieval Islam, the Bronx, and beyond.

Michael Harris is professor of mathematics at the Université Paris Diderot and Columbia University. He is the author or coauthor of more than seventy mathematical books and articles.


"Harris offers a unique and passionate view of the life and work of contemporary mathematicians. Rich in detail and marvelously broad in scope, Mathematics without Apologies gives an unforgettable account of the frustrations, elations, and sheer wonder of doing mathematics."--Barry Mazur, Harvard University

“Mathematical high culture collides with pop culture and all hell breaks loose! Harris takes us on a wild ride—never a dull moment!”—Gregory Chaitin, author of Proving Darwin: Making Biology Mathematical

Mathematics without Apologies is a work of relentless intelligence that depicts Harris’s experience of mathematics, but it is not at all a mathematician’s autobiography. It is a madly erudite and creative reflection on the mathematical life.”—Colin McLarty, author of Elementary Categories, Elementary Toposes

“Harris vividly conveys what it is to work as a researcher in pure mathematics today. Through a series of novel and unexpected perspectives, he transforms readers’ preconceptions of this activity. What we encounter here are the reflections of an erudite mathematician, uncommonly well read outside his field, on the nature and purpose of his subject.”—David Corfield, author of Towards a Philosophy of Real Mathematics

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