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The Prison-House of Language:
A Critical Account of Structuralism and Russian Formalism
Fredric Jameson

Paperback | 1975 | $27.95 / £19.95 | ISBN: 9780691013169
248 pp.


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Fredric Jameson's survey of Structuralism and Russian Formalism is, at the same time, a critique of their basic methodology. He lays bare the presuppositions of the two movements, clarifying the relationship between the synchronic methods of Saussurean linguistics and the realities of time and history.


"A densely but lucidly written critique of modern linguistic theory and its application in and implications for formalism and structuralism. . . . The Prison-House of Language ought to be purchased by every library and read by everyone interested in modern thought."--Library Journal

"This is a brilliant and provocative book, perhaps most exciting in the suggestion of the new rigor and penetration possible in historical study when we have emerged on the other side of structuralism."--Virginia Quarterly Review

"Jameson's intellectual stamina is altogether admirable, the breadth of his analysis impressive, and his expository skills, on occasion, remarkable. Moreover, his admiration for the achievements of the Russian Formalists and their 'cousins,' the French Structuralists, does not prevent him from offering some cogent strictures on the built-in pitfalls of Structuralist methodology."--Modern Language Quarterly

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