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The Japanese Colonial Empire, 1895-1945
Edited by Ramon H. Myers & Mark R. Peattie

Paperback | 1987 | $65.00 / £44.95 | ISBN: 9780691102221
560 pp.


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These essays, by thirteen specialists from Japan and the United States, provide a comprehensive view of the Japanese empire from its establishment in 1895 to its liquidation in 1945. They offer a variety of perspectives on subjects previously neglected by historians: the origin and evolution of the formal empire (which comprised Taiwan, Korea, Karafuto. the Kwantung Leased Territory, and the South Seas Mandated Islands), the institutions and policies by which it was governed, and the economic dynamics that impelled it. Seeking neither to justify the empire nor to condemn it, the contributors place it in the framework of Japanese history and in the context of colonialism as a global phenomenon. Contributors are Ching-chih Chen. Edward I-te Chen, Bruce Cumings, Peter Duus, Lewis H. Gann, Samuel Pao-San Ho, Marius B. Jansen, Mizoguchi Toshiyuki, Ramon H. Myers, Mark R. Peattie, Michael E. Robinson, E. Patricia Tsurumi. Yamada Saburō, Yamamoto Yūzoō.


"The essays should be read by all students of modern international history; henceforth, no historian will be able to plead linguistic handicaps as an excuse for failing to incorporate the Japanese experience into a serious analysis of modem colonialism and imperialism."--Akira Iriye, International History Review

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