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Economic Statecraft
David Allen Baldwin

Paperback | 1985 | $55.00 / £37.95 | ISBN: 9780691101750
424 pp.


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A nuclear world desperately in need of alternatives to military force demands better understanding of all techniques of statecraft. In this book David A. Baldwin draws on social power analyses to develop an analytic framework for evaluating such techniques, and uses it to challenge the conventional view that economic tools of foreign policy do not work.

Integrating insights from economics, political science, psychology, philosophy, history, law, and sociology, this comprehensive work discusses not only the utility of economic statecraft but also its morality, legality, and role in the history of international thought. It will help statesmen, scholars, and citizens to evaluate crucial foreign policy choices.


"This is a study of economics as an instrument of politics, and quite a rigorous one . . . Baldwin tears apart the reasoning of most other scholars and torpedoes not only the conventional wisdom about various cases but just about all generalizations. . . . This is a stimulating book. . . ."--Foreign Affairs


"This book is one of the three or four most significant new contributions to either foreign policy analysis or international political economy that 1 have read in the last decade. It is one of those works that bring a fresh perspective to a subject that has been analyzed at length, and it suggests strongly that the most prominent authors on the subject have made major errors in drawing inferences. Baldwin is simply brilliant at logical construction and reconstruction. The book will be a stimulus and model to anyone who aspires to logical clarity, on any subject."--John S. Odell, University of Southern California

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