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Chaplin and American Culture:
The Evolution of a Star Image
Charles J. Maland

Paperback | 1991 | $65.00 / £44.95 | ISBN: 9780691028606
464 pp.


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Charles Maland focuses on the cultural sources of the on-and-off, love-hate affair between Chaplin and the American public that was perhaps the stormiest in American stardom.


"A fascinating, ambitious and incisive look at American culture and at the cinematic genius."--Robin Lippincott, New York Times Book Review

"Maland pioneers a new approach to Chaplin.... Anyone interested in Chaplin must read it. And those engaged in the task of bringing to film history a new awareness of the cultural and political context of film production and reception will find this a book to think about, argue with, and learn from."--Tom Gunning, Film Quarterly

"[Here is] the story behind Charlie Chaplin's rise and fall from grace in the public eye, his attempts to redeem his stardom, his twenty-year banishment from the United States, and his qualified rapprochement.... [Maland] puts us in touch with those times past but also confronts us with those still-lurking societal instincts that urge a culture's killing of its prophets."--Gerard Molyneaux, Flashback

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