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The Global Condition:
Conquerors, Catastrophes, and Community
William Hardy McNeill

Paperback | 1992 | $30.95 / £21.95 | ISBN: 9780691025599
196 pp.

| Table of Contents

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William H. McNeill is known for his ability to portray the grand sweep of history. Now two of his popular books and an essay previously unavailable in book form are brought together in this new paperback edition. In The Human Condition McNeill provides a provocative interpretation of history as a competition of parasites, both biological and human. In The Great Frontier he questions the notion of "frontier freedom" through an examination of European expansion. The concluding essay speculates on the role of catastrophe in our lives. About The Human Condition: "A remarkable tour de force . . . . An elegant, intelligent and scholarly essay."--J. H. Hexter, The New York Times Book Review "A brilliant new interpretation of world history."--David Graber, The Los Angeles Times Book Review About The Great Frontier: There is virtually no one in the profession who can match McNeill as a synthesizer--or, for that matter, as an interdisciplinary historian. . . . There is more insight in this volume than in others of double or triple the length."--David Courtwright, Journal of Interdisciplinary History

Table of Contents:

Pt. IThe Great Frontier: Freedom and Hierarchy in Modern Times
Lecture I: To 17505
Lecture II: From 175033
Pt. IIThe Human Condition: An Ecological and Historical View
Microparasitism, Macroparasitism, and the Urban Transmutation69
Microparasitism, Macroparasitism, and the Commercial Transmutation100
Pt. IIIControl and Catastrophe in Human Affairs133

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