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Children of Choice:
Freedom and the New Reproductive Technologies
John A. Robertson

Paperback | 1996 | $52.50 | £44.95 | ISBN: 9780691036656
291 pp. | 6 x 9
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Cloning, genetic screening, embryo freezing, in vitro fertilization, Norplant, RU486--these are the technologies revolutionizing our reproductive landscape. Through the lens of procreative liberty--meaning both the freedom to decide whether or not to have children as well as the freedom to control one's reproductive capacity--John Robertson, a leading legal bioethicist, analyzes the ethical, legal, and social controversies surrounding each major technology and opens up a multitude of fascinating questions: Do frozen embryos have the right to be born? Should parents be allowed to select offspring traits? May a government force welfare recipients to take contraceptives? Robertson's arguments examine the broad range of consequences of each reproductive technology and offers a timely, multifaceted analysis of the competing interests at stake for patients, couples, doctors, policymakers, lawyers, and ethicists.


"Robertson's ... confrontational style takes the reader to the limits of the possible and beyond, to the extraordinary repercussions of reproductive techniques. This clear and thought-provoking book ... provides rich legal and ethical insights that will challenge and shape one's personal beliefs and professional ethics."--Dilys M. Walker, M.D., The New England Journal of Medicine

"Robertson has laid out, comprehensively and intelligibly, the procreative possibilities open to us now and in the future."--Mary Warnock, New Scientist

"Robertson . . . argues that the principle of procreative liberty should be used to determine the ethics and legalities of the many controversial issues surrounding reproductive technology. . . . Robertson's position may not be universally accepted, but his works are regularly cited and his perspective is given significant coverage in many books on this topic."--Library Journal

"A searching exploration of the ever-expanding parameters of 'choice' written with Solomon-like sagacity."--Kirkus Reviews

"Robertson surveys the available reproductive techniques and options, from abortion and contraception to the various ways of reproducing and of screening for suitable characteristics. The individual and societal conflicts are presented for each option, with Robertson generally arguing in favor of freedom of choice. Should be of interest to students of society as well as the many prospective users of these technologies."--Booklist

"Even if one disagrees with the particular answers which John Robertson gives to the ethical questions raised by the new technology, his book is nonetheless to be welcomed."--Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph

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Table of Contents:

Ch. 1 Introduction: Technology, Liberty, and the Reproductive Revolution 3
Ch. 2 The Presumptive Primacy of Procreative Liberty 22
Ch. 3 Abortion, Contragestion, and the Resuscitation of Roe v. Wade 45
Ch. 4 Norplant, Forced Contraception, and Irresponsible Reproduction 69
Ch. 5 IVF, Infertility, and the Status of Embryos 97
Ch. 6 Collaborative Reproduction: Donors and Surrogates 119
Ch. 7 Selection and Shaping of Offspring Characteristics: Genetic Screening and Manipulation 149
Ch. 8 Preventing Prenatal Harm to Offspring 173
Ch. 9 Farming the Uterus: Nonreproductive Uses of Reproductive Capacity 197
Ch. 10 Class, Feminist, and Communitarian Critiques of Procreative Liberty 220
Notes 237
Index 279

Subject Areas:

Hardcover published in 1994

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 Paperback : $52.50 ISBN: 9780691036656

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 Paperback  £44.95 ISBN: 9780691036656

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