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The Deaths of Louis XVI:
Regicide and the French Political Imagination
Susan Dunn
With a foreword by Conor Cruise O'Brien

Paperback | 2008 | $31.95 | £26.95 | ISBN: 9780691141558
192 pp. | 6 x 9
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The public beheading of Louis XVI was a unique and troubling event that scarred French collective memory for two centuries. To Jacobins, the king's decapitation was the people's coronation. To royalists, it was deicide. Nineteenth-century historians considered it an alarming miscalculation, a symbol of the Terror and the moral bankruptcy of the Revolution. By the twentieth century, Camus judged that the killing stood at the "crux of our contemporary history." In this book, Susan Dunn investigates the regicide's pivotal role in French intellectual history and political mythology. She examines how thinkers on the right and left repudiated regicide and terror, while articulating a compassionate, humanitarian vision, which became the moral basis for the modern French nation.

Their credo of fraternity and unity, however, strangely depoliticized this supremely political act of regicide. Using theoretical insights from Tocqueville, Arendt, Rawls, Walzer, and others, Dunn explores the transformation of violent regicidal politics into an apolitical cult of ethical purity and an antidemocratic nationalist religion. Her book focuses on the fluidity of political myths. The figure of Louis XVI was transmuted into a Joan of Arc and a deified nation, and the notion of his sacrifice contributed to the disquieting myth of a mystical community of self- sacrificing citizens.


"Written with a clear focus, a strong narrative line, and a critical tone, Susan Dunn's book mobilizes an array of contemporary writers and political theorists to provide a counter-voice, which modulates into her own voice, to nineteenth-century French intellectuals."--Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study

Table of Contents:

Introduction 3
Pt. I Political Myths
Ch. 1 Louis XVI and the Cult of Human Sacrifice 15
Ch. 2 Louis XVI and Joan of Arc 38
Ch. 3 Michelet and Lamartine: Regicide, Passion, and Compassion 67
Pt. II Literary Myths
Ch. 4 Louis XVI and His Executioners 95
Ch. 5 Victor Hugo, Kingship, and Louis XVI 116
Ch. 6 Camus and Louis XVI: A Modern Elegy for the Martyred King 140
Conclusion 165
Index 171


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