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A Psychology of Difference:
The American Lectures
Otto Rank
Selected, edited, and introduced by Robert Kramer
With a foreword by Rollo May

Hardcover | 1996 | $110.00 / £75.00 | ISBN: 9780691044705
320 pp. | 6 x 9 | SHOPPING CART

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A leading disciple and confidant of Freud, Otto Rank revolutionized the field of psychoanalytic theory in The Trauma of Birth (1924). In this book, Rank proposed that the child's pre-Oedipal relationship to the mother was the prototype of the therapeutic relationship between analyst and patient. Although Rank is now widely acknowledged as the most important precursor of humanistic and existential psychotherapy--influencing such well-known writers as Carl Rogers, Rollo May, and Ernest Becker--Rank's knotty prose has long frustrated readers. In this volume of Rank's lectures, Robert Kramer has brought together for the first time the innovator's clearest explanations of his most influential theories.

The lectures were delivered in English to receptive audiences of social workers, therapists, and clinical psychologists throughout the United States from 1924 to 1938, the year before Rank's untimely death. The topics covered include separation and individuation, projection and identification, love and will, relationship therapy, and neurosis as a failure in creativity. The lectures reveal that Rank, much maligned by orthodox analysts, invented the modern object-relations approach to psychotherapy in the 1920s. In his introduction, based on private correspondence between Rank, Freud, and others in the inner circle, Robert Kramer tells the full story of why Rank parted ways with Freud. The collection of lectures constitutes a "readable Rank," filled with insights still relevant today, for those interested in the humanistic, existential, or object- relational aspects of psychotherapy, or in the development of the psychoanalytic movement.


"Dr. Kramer . . . is fast becoming one of the most productive and consistently insightful rnak scholars on the scene today. His major Rankian essays include treatments of Rank's place in the history of psychoanalysis, specific aspects of Rankian theory, Rank's influence on later major figures such as Carl Rogers, and the application of Rank's ideas to management theory."--The Ernest Becker Foundation


"Decades ahead of his time. . . Rank explores in simple English the rich interplay between the I and the Thou, separation and union, the individual and the collective, will and love, creativity and guilt."--from the foreword by Rollo May

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