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Kommos: An Excavation on the South Coast of Crete, Volume I:
The Kommos Region and Houses of the Minoan Town. Part II: The Minoan Hilltop and Hillside Houses
Joseph W. Shaw & Maria C. Shaw, Editors

Hardcover | 1996 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780691026336

Kommos, located on the south coast of Crete, is widely known for its important sanctuary of the Greek period and for its earlier role as a major Minoan harbortown. Volumes II and III in this series, dealing with the Minoan pottery, have already been published. Volume I, Part I (1995), offered a general introduction to the site, followed by chapters on the archaeological exploration of the area, its geology, fauna and flora, land use, as well as on the Minoan implements and industries. Now Volume I, Part II introduces the Kommos town (Joseph W. Shaw), and analyzes and interprets the houses on the hilltop (Maria C. Shaw and Lucia F. Nixon) and hillside (James C. Wright and John McEnroe). There is a catalog of miscellaneous finds from the houses (Mary K. Dabney, Katherine A. Schwab, Maria C. Shaw, John Bennet, Helène Whittaker, David Reese, and Olga Kryszowska), followed by synthetic chapters on town planning and domestic architecture (Maria C. Shaw) and site development (Joseph W. Shaw). Combined, the interrelated Kommos volumes present an unusually thorough, interdisciplinary interpretation of a prehistoric site in Greece.

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