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Courts on Trial
Jerome Frank

Paperback | 1973 | $69.95 | £58.95 | ISBN: 9780691027555
456 pp. | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
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CONTENTS: I. The Needless Mystery of Court House Government. II. Fights and Rights. III. Facts Are Guesses. IV. Modern Legal Magic. V. Wizards and Lawyers. VI. The "Fight" Theory versus the "Truth" Theory. VII. The Procedural Reformers. VIII. The Jury System. IX. Defenses of the Jury System--Suggested Reforms. X. Are Judges Human? XI. Psychological Approaches. XII. Criticism of Trial-Court Decisions--The Gestalt. XIII. A Trial as a Communicative Process. XIV. "Legal Science" and "Legal Engineering." XV. The Upper-Court Myth. XVI. Legal Education. XVII. Special Training for Trial Judges. XVIII. The Cult of the Robe. XIX. Precedents and Stability. XX. Codification. XXI. Words and Music: Legislation and Judicial Interpretation. XXII. Constitutions--The Merry-Go-Round. XIII. Legal Reasoning. XXIV. Da Capo. XXV. The Anthropological Approach. XXVI. Natural Law. XXVII. The Psychology of Litigants. XXVIII. The Unblindfolding of Justice. XXIX. Classicism and Romanticism. XXX. Justice and Emotions. XXXI. Questioning Some Legal Axioms. XXXII. Reason and Unreason--Ideals.

Jerome Frank was distinguished as a lawyer, chairman of the SEC, federal judge, and writer.


"Nothing that Judge Frank offers can be brushed aside lightly. Truly a book for all who believe that wise settlement of disputes between man and man, or the state and man, are important to the comfort, safety, and liberties of all."--New York Times Book Review

"One of those rare books on lawyers and courts which can be read with pleasure and profit by laymen."--New Republic

"What gives this book might is the candor with which Judge Frank discusses the workings of our courts, the comprehensiveness and thoroughness of his analysis, and the sagacity of his comments and proposals. . . . It is an important book."--New York Law Journal

"This book is an interesting, stimulating, and effective presentation by an author who knows all about his subject."--Arthur Garfield Hays, Saturday Review


"A book which laymen should read for insight into the operations of the courts of this country. . . . Judge Frank does away with the mystery and the magic. A brilliant demonstration of the use of all the 'social sciences' in analyzing a legal problem. These criticisms . . . Will stimulate the modem lawyer, anthropologist, psychiatrist, and philosopher."--Justice William O. Douglas

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  • Chinese (Simplified)

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 Paperback : $69.95 ISBN: 9780691027555

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 Paperback  £58.95 ISBN: 9780691027555

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