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Birds of the Seychelles
Adrian Skerrett & Ian Bullock
Illustrated by Tony Disley

Winner of the 2001 Best Bird Book - Indian Ocean, Worldtwitch

Paperback | 2001 | $59.95 / £41.95 | ISBN: 9780691088631
320 pp. | 6 x 9 | 53 color plates, 23 line illus., 250 maps

Endorsements | Table of Contents

This is the first comprehensive guide to the birds of the Seychelles, a spectacular archipelago of 115 islands north of Madagascar. It describes and illustrates every species for the first time--more than 250 in all--and gives extended species accounts for all 66 breeding species. These accounts cover breeding biology and, for all indigenous species, threats and conservation. The volume also offers the first detailed accounts of all 26 Seychelles' endemics, including their origins, in popular form.

Given the archipelago's location, almost any European migrant can turn up in the Seychelles. This makes it all the more remarkable that the authors consider every species recorded to date, as well as unrecorded potential vagrants. Beautiful color plates and clear plumage details, as well as information on confusion species, are included to aid identification by sex and age.

This is a valuable reference for anyone contemplating a trip to this popular birding destination or anyone with an interest in the natural history of the western Indian Ocean region. There is simply no other choice for either the serious ornithologist or the casual birder.


"The information contained in this work is accurate and up to date, the plates are of a high standard, and the species accounts are detailed and informative. This is an important addition to the ornithology of the region and should be of interest to ornithologists worldwide as well as to birders visiting the Seychelles."--Steve Rooke

Table of Contents:

Introduction 4
Acknowledgements 5
Style and layout of the book 6
The islands 9
Important birdwatching sites 17
The climate 19
Abbreviations used in the text 19
Seychelles Bird Records Committee 20
Plants mentioned in the text 21
Glossary of terms 23
Origins of the birds of Seychelles 27
Colour plates 32
Species accounts 139
Bibliography 310
Index 318


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Paperback: Not for sale in the Commonwealth (except Canada) and the European Union

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