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The Shark-Watcher's Handbook:
A Guide to Sharks and Where to See Them
Mark Carwardine & Ken Watterson

Paperback | 2002 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780691096377
Hardcover | 2002 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780691096384


Hundreds of thousands of people have an intentional encounter with sharks every year, and shark-watching has become a multi-million dollar business. The ultimate shark-watcher's guide, this comprehensive and ground-breaking book is essential reading for any marine enthusiast who wants to navigate the waters of those who consort with sharks.

The Shark-Watcher's Handbook covers everything you need to know about sharks and shark watching: the history, techniques, risks and controversies; a thorough overview of shark natural history and biology; the many threats facing sharks and how snorkelers and divers can help; and even how to get good shark photographs, safely. There is also an extensive, fully illustrated directory of the twenty-four species most commonly encountered by shark watchers. Each entry includes important information on natural history, classification, diet, reproduction, behavior and range; and there are special sections on identification, the potential danger to divers and good places for a close encounter.

The book includes the first detailed directory of more than 250 of the world's shark-watching hotspots, with a detailed description of each site and information on everything from the species most likely to be seen and the best time of year to visit to contact details for further information and travel notes.

Whether you're a professional diver, someone contemplating your first close encounter with a shark, or the sort of person who prefers to view these extraordinary animals in the pages of a book, The Shark-Watcher's Handbook is an attractive, invaluable, and utterly fascinating guide to the underwater world of sharks.


"Every diver should have a copy of this book. It's the most comprehensive and best-researched guide to diving and snorkeling with sharks--providing everything you need to know in order to experience some of the most awe-inspiring and breathtaking underwater encounters anywhere in the world."--Graeme Gourlay, Editor in Chief, Dive

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