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Where to Watch Birds in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean
Nigel Wheatley & David Brewer

Paperback | 2002 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780691095158


Where to Watch Birds in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean is the sixth and latest in a series that will ultimately cover the whole world. Including many of the most alluring and rewarding birding destinations anywhere, this is the first one-volume guide to this vast region. It is the ideal port of call for steadfast birders and nature-minded wayfarers alike.

Around 430 species of birds have been recorded in the Caribbean, of which an amazing 159 are endemic. Central America has a species list of about 1,350, with some 340 endemics. This book treats over 215 individual sites in detail, covering every Central American country, Mexico, and all of the popular Caribbean islands. Detailed site accounts enable birders to maximize their chances of finding the special birds of each region, from the spectacular Resplendent Quetzal of Costa Rica's cloud forest to the threatened Imperial Parrot of Dominica. Endemic species for each site and region are listed separately, and the accounts include practical information on accommodation, transport, safety, and the timing of visits. Other interesting wildlife is also listed for each site, and numerous site maps and line drawings further enhance the text. The information presented is succinct, yet detailed enough for readers to work out their own itineraries with a minimum of time and effort.

Any binocular-equipped traveler considering a trip to the Caribbean, Central America, or Mexico will find this guide both practical and enticing while planning from home--and absolutely indispensable in the field.


"These guides let the globe-hopping birder land with his or her feet flying, especially if time is at a premium."--Dan Tallman, South Dakota Bird Notes

"Wheatley has managed to condense an incredible wealth of information, much of it drawn from personal experience, into . . . small and very affordable volumes. The more closely I studied the books, the more I came to appreciate the author's astonishing accomplishment."--Angus Wilson, Birding

"A must-buy book for any birder visiting Central America or the Caribbean without a birding tour. . . . Wheatley and Brewer's accomplishment is that they have collected and sifted through a huge quantity of information scattered across many sources."--Charles D. Duncan, Birding

"This invaluable traveller's companion provides information on the best places to birdwatch in each country in the region. . . . The writing is concise and informative, but not without interest or humor. . . . This book is particularly valuable for birders and nature travellers planning visits to the region and is small and light enough to take along."--Condor


"Wheatley's effort will stand with a select handful of such publications that not only provide useful information on where to go to see birds, but present brief sketches on the habitat and other ecological features of interest to any traveler with an interest in natural history."--Peter Meisenheimer, Canadian Field Naturalist

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