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The Birds of Africa, Volume I:
Ostriches and to Birds of Prey
Leslie H. Brown, Emil K. Urban, & Kenneth Newman

Hardcover | 1982 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780121373016


This volume is the first of a set of seven which, when complete, will cover the entire avifauna of Africa, one of the most varied and interesting in the world. While many regional guides to African birds exist, this will be the first comprehensive guide to the bird life of the continent as a whole, including North Africa.

The entire set covers all species of birds found in Africa, including migrants from the Palearctic and vagrants. Resident birds are described in full detail, with sections on their range and status, description, field characters, voice, general behaviour, food and breeding biology. Visitors are also given extensive coverage, with emphasis on their status and behaviour within Africa.

These volumes are sure to be acclaimed as the authority on the avifauna of Africa for many years to come. The quality of the text and the beauty of the plates will assure them pride of place on the shelves of ornithologists and bird-watchers everywhere. Indeed, anyone with an interest in natural history or ecology will find here a source of much interest and enjoyment.


"Detailed but readable text, superb paintings and handsome production have already ensured that this series is the standard work on African ornithology."--New Scientist

"Little can or should be said against a work like this. . . . [It is] the standard reference for the region with no rival."--Ibis

"The most comprehensive account of African birds ever written."--Birds & Birding

"What more to say except this volume and the rest of the series are simply indispensable for all African ornithologists?"--Alan Tye, Malimbus

"The authors and publishers are to be congratulated on a job well done. If the remaining volumes live up to the standard of Volume I, there is not a doubt that the author's dreams will be fully realized."--R. Charles Long, Wilson Bulletin

Formerly published by Academic Press

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