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The Birds of Africa, Volume V:
Thrushes to Puffback Flycatchers
Emil K. Urban, C. Hilary Fry, & Stuart Keith

Hardcover | 1997 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780121373054


Universally recognized as by far the most authoritative and comprehensive work ever published, Birds of Africa, Volume V is the second of four volumes to deal with the Passerine birds of the continent. The families treated fall into the following groups: thrushes, Old World warblers, Old World flycatchers, monarch flycatchers wattle-eyes and puffback flycatchers. The editors and artists have worked closely with nine other authors--all acknowledged experts on their bird families--to produce a superb reference in which encyclopedic texts on every species are complemented by accurate and detailed paintings and drawings of the birds themselves. Full bibliographies, acoustic references and indexes complete this marvelous reference.

Key Features:

  • Continues the high quality of this well-regarded series
  • Provides the only comprehensive handbook treatment of African birds


"An extremely useful series of maps at the beginning showing the location of over 350 localities referred to in the text. The largely excellent artwork still makes this book a joy to leaf through. This series is everything a handbook should be: full of concise, mouth-watering plates that just make you want to get out there. Expensive? Of course. Value for money? Definitely. Got to have? Absolutely."--Birdwatch

"More than any other volume, this book opened up for me a new world of African ornithology. The end of a wonderful and lasting project is now in sight."--Alan Kemp, Ostrich

"Without a doubt, [this book] has been worth the wait. In covering ground thrushes through to batises, it treats some of the most difficult groups of birds to identify in Africa--notably the cisticolas and the batises. . . . The plates are generally of a high standard and they continue to improve as the series progresses. The plates are the most comprehensive set of cisticola illustrations ever published and include the previously unillustrated Dorst's Cisticola. This volume is an essential purchase for the keen African birder."--Birding World

"The effort expended has been enormous and remarkably successful considering the immensity of the project. The Birds of Africa is indispensable for anyone with serious interest in African ornithology."--Dale A. Zimmeran, Auk

"A magnificent achievement: the sheer depth and compass are breathtaking."--Leon Bennun, Ibis

"One of the best handbooks that I have seen and a joy to use; this volume in particular is a magnificent work."--David Emley, British Ecological Society Bulletin


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