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The Newts and Salamanders of Europe
Richard A. Griffiths

Hardcover | 1997 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780123039552


Nearly thirty years after the publication of the last detailed book on the newts and salamanders of Europe, this book at last provides a much needed, modern coverage of the ecology, behavior, evolution, and conservation of these fascinating amphibians. The author abandons the popular conception of amphibians as a primitive group poorly adapted to life on land. Indeed, he shows how the diversity of newt and salamanders life-styles underlines how this relatively small group of animals have survived in such diverse habitats as underground caves, mountain tops, tropical forests, and the Siberian tundra. Delightfully illustrated and fully referenced throughout, the book synthesizes much recent research into a lively and readable format that will be of interest to both experienced and inexperienced herpetologists and natural historians. Given recent concern over global amphibian declines, newts and salamanders have been the focus of considerable media attention and scientific work in recent years. This book describes how an understanding of the ecology and habitat requirements of these animals can lead to more effective conservation measures.

Key Features:

  • Presents the first synthesis of research for nearly 30 years
  • Reviews current conservation issues
  • Provides up-to-date species accounts and color photos
  • Includes a user-friendly guide to the relationships between different species and subspecies


"The photographs are excellent, providing a real feel for their subjects. Indeed, the technical production of the book is excellent and fully matches the quality of the text. This is a book that any naturalist will enjoy and which will be a constant source of reference for both specialists and non-specialists for many years to come."--Jeremy Greenwood, Habitat


"Griffiths' book provides a comprehensive review of our current knowledge on the biology of this group of amphibians. . . . [He] has written a book for the layman or professional who wants a comprehensive and integrative perspective. . . . The ability to produce a well referenced body of information, reflecting the state of the art, is a major contribution of the book."--Pere Alberch, Museo Nacional Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain

"This book is a highly informative and well-written account of the biology and natural history of the 32 species of newts and salamanders inhabiting Europe. . . . Newts and Salamanders of Europe belongs on the desk of all those concerned with the status of biological diversity, especially, but not limited to, biologists and resource managers in Europe, in order to remind them of the wonders of the natural world."--C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr., National Biological Service

Formerly published by Academic Press

File created: 1/4/2017

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