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Storks, Ibises and Spoonbills of the World
James A. Hancock & James A. Kushan

Hardcover | 1993 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780123227300


Some of the world's largest and most spectacular birds are to be found among this group of wading birds. Tragically, they also include many of the world's most endangered species, as changes in land use erode their wetland habitats. Some like the White Stork have lived alongside humans for hundreds of years and are well known from numerous studies. Others, like the Storm's stork and ibises of West Africa, South-East Asia and South America live so secluded a life in the remote corners of the globe that they will probably be extinct before even the most basic details of their biology are known. In this monograph, three authors and two artists have combined their skills to capture what is known of this group of wading birds. The text opens with general chapters on taxonomy and feeding, breeding and behavior, followed by detailed coverage of each species.

Feeding behaviour species list:
American wood stork - mycteria americana: milky stork - mycteria cinerea: yellowbilled stork - mycteria ibis: painted stork - mycteria leucocephala: African openbill stork - anastomus oscitans: Asian openbill stork - anastomus lamelligerus: black stork - ciconia nigra: adbim's stork - ciconia abdimii: woolynecked stork - ciconia episcopus: storm's stork - ciconia stormi: maguari stork - ciconia maguari: white stork - ciconia ciconia: oriental white stork - ciconia boyciana: blacknecked stork - ephippiorhynchus asiaticus: saddlebill stork - ephipporhynchus sengalensis: jabiru stork - jabiru myceteria: lesser adjutant stork - leptopilos javanicus: greater adjutant stork - leptoptilos dubius: marabou stork: leptoptilos crumeniferus: shoebill - balaeniceps rex: American white ibis - eudocimus ruber: barefaced ibis - phimosus infuscatus: glossy ibis - plegadis falcinellus: whitefaced ibis - plegadis chihi: puna ibis - plegadis ridgwayi: sharptailed ibis - cercibis oxycerca: plumbeous ibis - harpiprion caerulscens: buffnecked ibis - theristicus caudatus: green ibis - mesembrinibis cayennensis: hadada ibis - bostrychia hagedash: wattled ibis - bostrychia carunculata: oliv ibis - bostrychia olivacea: spotbreasted ibis - bostrychia reae madagascar crested this - loghotihis cristata: sacred this - threskiornis aethiopicus: oriental white ibis - threskionis melanoaphaius: Australian white ibis - threskiornis molucca: strawnecked ibis - threskiornis spinicollis: waldrapp ibis - eronticus eremita: bald ibis - geronticus calvus: black ibis - pseudibis papillosa: giant ibis - thaumatibis gigantea: oriential crested ibis - nipponia


"This sumptuous volume is the bargain bird book of the year, if not the decade. . . . Within its 392 pages is not only a complete and highly detailed account of the biology of the 19 storks, single shoebill, 23 ibises and six spoonbills, but also the most magnificent collection of paintings of these 49 species."--Country Life

"Never before has so much information on any of these three magnificent and fascinating bird groups been offered between two covers. . . . Alan Harris and David Quinn--two of the most talented bird illustrators on the international scene--have conspired to produce 49 full-color plates of exceptional beauty. . . . The authors and artists are to be congratulated on their remarkable achievement. This valuable reference work should stimulate more interest in the world's storks, ibises, and spoonbills, and hopefully it will contribute to preserving these exquisite birds for generations to come."--Bird Book Review

Formerly published by Academic Press

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