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Herons of North America:
Their World in Focus
James A. Hancock

Paperback | 2000 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780123227294


Herons, the graceful predators of swamps, wetlands and lake margins, are often the abiding memory for bird lovers after a days birding in the marshes. For the general nature lover, they are a portrait symbol of the wild free places and the grandeur of the natural world. North American herons live in a complex world. Most of them congregate in colonies either large or small, and they are joined by many birds that share their nesting sites. Most of these different species live together in harmony, but inevitably such gatherings attract predators and scavengers. James Hancock, a veteran traveler and lover of herons the world over, gives a pocket guide in words and photographs to the lives of these birds and their, sadly, often endangered habitats. The book seeks to describe the many and varied creatures that make up the world of the herons.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 color photographs
  • Anecdotes and personal observation bring the birds to life
  • Reliable in fact, but not heavy-going


"It is the diversity of the information that keeps the reader interested."--Ibis

"Herons of North America includes all the North American herons, egrets, and bitterns, including a section on 'Visitors''(vagrants). There are also sections on 'Family' (ibises, spoonbills, and storks), 'Friends' (cormorants, pelicans, and Anhinga), and 'Foes' (eagles, hawks, vultures, crows, grackles, raccoons, and alligators). The bulk of the book is comprised of species accounts of the 12 herons species that breed in North America. The brief texts--never more than two facing pages--are followed by 2 to 14 photographs of each species."--Birding

"This book gives a fascinating insight into the lives of herons."--BTO News

Formerly published by Academic Press

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