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Herons and Egrets of the World:
A Photographic Journey
James A. Hancock

Paperback | 1999 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780123227256


In this book, the only complete review of the world's herons currently in print, James Hancock distills his knowledge into a concise review of all 47 species and recognized subspecies. The text comprises a thumbnail sketch, including descriptions of the appearance, distribution, conservation status, feeding, and breeding ecology of each species. Over 150 wonderful color photographs, most by the author, show all the recognizable forms of each species, illustrating the variety and beauty of these birds. As a valuable reference and a fine photo collection, this book will find a place on the shelves of bird lovers everywhere.


"The book is not only a summary of what is known (with a remarkably comprehensive bibliography), but also indicates that there is still a significant amount to be discovered. The most important element of Wells' book is the considered review of all information of each species. Having been the focus for so much ornithological work in the last 20 years, Wells is aware of almost all of the work that has been undertaken and has a unique position from which to evaluate the information, and he does this with his customary thoroughness."--Philip McGowan, Quarterly Review of Biology

"The text is brief and the photographic quality excellent, with photographs of many of the species-level plumage variations found within this group. This book would be an excellent complement to broader field guides, especially for people living near or in zones with high heron diversity, such as coastal, tropical, and subtropical areas."--Choice

"This work is the author's personal account of an attractive and, still in many ways, mysterious bird family. The book is well edited and easy to read."--Matti Kapanen, Alula

"A lovely, species by species account of the heron family. The photos are the highlight of this book."--BTO News

"I found the concise listing of all species and sub-species particularly useful. This is a book by a man who has travelled the globe in a labor of love. In those travels, [Hancock] has amassed an insight on this long-legged family of water birds that few people have achieved for any group of birds. [This] is a volume that I am happy to have on my bookshelves and I am pleased to draw it to the attention of all those who share the author's love of herons and egrets."--John Taverner, Hampshire Chronicle

Formerly published by Academic Press

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