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The Raven:
A Natural History in Britain and Ireland
Derek Ratcliffe

Hardcover | 1997 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780856610905


Well-known throughout the Northern Hemisphere, the Raven has a prominent place in myth, legend, and history. This book presents a thorough summary of the current state of knowledge regarding the Raven's natural history, describing its present distribution, habitat requirements, calls, feeding habits, social behavior, and population centers. The text focuses on the Raven's ecology in the United Kingdom, but is of interest worldwide to both amateurs and professionals. It contains useful comparisons of the Northern Hemisphere species. Brought to life through beautiful detailed illustrations, maps, and tables, this is a valuable study on one of the most spectacular and romantic of British birds.

Key Features:

  • Provides a rare glimpse into Raven ecology/biology in the U.K.
  • Features beautiful illustrations, along with useful maps and tables
  • Emphasizes the long association of the bird with humans
  • Contains current information on feeding habits, breeding, territorialism, intelligence, and distribution


"It is the sort of bird book I particularly enjoy because a fresh wind blows through much of it, showing the author to be what a writer about ravens should be--an acute observer."--Guardian

"Powerful illustrations complement writing of real insight into these formidable, yet playful, birds."--New Scientist

"Do buy this excellent book and read it."--Cambrian Ornithology Society Bulletin No 112

"Derek Ratcliffe has an enthusiasm that shines through the pages of his latest book. The text is supported by extensive appendices and tables, crammed with data and facts; serious matters of behaviour and ecology are addressed; but the presentation is constantly enlivened by anecdote. This is a book about real birds, not textbook abstractions. As such it is a joy to read as well as a valuable contribution to ornithology."--Habitat

"[Ratcliffe] presents a comprehensive and historical picture of this once common town scavenger."--Birding World

"The personal approach by the author is refreshing and his administration for the raven is evident throughout the very readable text."--Highland News Group

Formerly published by Academic Press

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