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The Golden Eagle
Jeff Watson

Hardcover | 1997 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780856610998


The Golden Eagle is the first comprehensive monograph on this majestic bird in over 40 years, and covers all aspects of this spectacular and popular species' biology and ecology. Jeff Watson has worked on eagles in Scotland for over 15 years and his studies provide the foundation for a treatment which also includes the most up-to-date information from work in North America, continental Europe, and throughout the world. This global view allows fascinating insight into the species' relationships with a variety of habitats.

Key Features:

  • Explores factors limiting Golden Eagle numbers and breeding performance
  • Reviews eagle predation on livestock
  • Addresses conservation issues and the species' fortune in the past and present


"This book has been worth waiting for. Almost a reason in itself for buying the book is the beautiful artwork. As the cover blurb says, this book 'is destined to become the standard reference work on the species.' It is also a good read, so buy it."--David Merrie, BTO News

"The text covers everything you are likely to want to know about the bird. . . . I urge you to put a copy of this superb book on your shelves."--Gordon Hamlett, Bird Watching

"Derek Ratcliffe writes with the objectivity of his impeccable scientific credentials and the enthusiasm of a dedicated admirer of our uplands and their birds. This is the first comprehensive study published for 40 years."--Birds

"Beautifully illustrated."--David Tomlinson, New Scientist

"The author's enthusiasm for this majestic bird of prey shines through the pages of this excellent work. . . . This book will appeal equally to the birdwatcher who wants to learn more about the life and habits of Golden Eagles and the ornithologist who requires an authoritative reference work. It is backed with interesting information. Keith Brockie's black-and-white artwork is excellent throughout."--Birdwatch

"The book is illustrated with a series of breathtaking plates by Keith Brockie. . . . Overall, this is a very readable, authoritative and up-to-date book which raptor enthusiasts and general birders alike will find immensely enjoyable."--Birding World

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