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The Birds of the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Volume 1:
David R. Wells

Hardcover | 1999 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780127429618


Twenty years after the last summary publication on the region, this volume presents the most complete modern summary of the latest surveys and research on all the birds now found in the Thai-Malay Peninsula. Over 380 species are described using data derived from field and museum research, as well as previously unpublished or poorly distributed data from local compilers, diaries, and personal records. More than 70 spectacular full-page color plates show almost all of the species covered. This volume also includes a fully referenced bibliography of over 800 sources. An extensive introduction covers aspects of history, biogeography, and ecology of the region's birds, plus main conservation issues.

Key Features:

  • Over 380 species are described in modern handbook format using data derived from field and museum research
  • The only detailed handbook of the birds of the region; supplies a benchmark synopsis (first in 20 years) of the bird fauna and ornithological research in the Peninsula, much of it published for the first time.
  • Over 70 color plates
  • Many species illustrated for the first time
  • Serves as an introductory text which describes the region and its conservation crisis


"In the heavyweight class and it will surely offer very interesting reading."--Alula

"This is a beautifully produced book, with an extremely thorough text, which every enthusiast of southeast Asian birds will want to own."--Nick Dymond, British Birds

"This is a scholarly work and a great advance on anything so far produced for this important area. The book is an invaluable reference and should be an essential addition to any serious ornithological library."--David Clugston, Scottish Bird News

"The text is superbly done, and the book will become the standard reference for years to come."--Choice

"Comprehensive and highly detailed volume bringing together the latest information gathered from recent research on birds in this area."--BBC Wildlife

"An essential addition to the libraries of all ornithologists with a keen interest in the region. . . . It justifiably reflects the colossal amount of work that has obviously gone into this high-class production."--Pete Davidson, Birding World

"The book represents a major contribution to the ornithological literature of Southeast Asia, and David Wells must be congratulated."--David Blakesley, Ibis

"A world-class handbook."--Winging It

Formerly published by Academic Press

File created: 1/4/2017

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