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Distant Proximities:
Dynamics beyond Globalization
James N. Rosenau

Paperback | 2003 | $46.95 / £32.95 | ISBN: 9780691095240
456 pp. | 6 x 9 | 4 line illus. 16 tables.

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Has globalization the phenomenon outgrown "globalization" the concept? In Distant Proximities, one of America's senior scholars presents a work of sweeping vision that addresses the dizzying anxieties of the post-Cold War, post-September 11 world. Culminating the influential reassessment of international relations he began in 1990 with Turbulence in World Politics, James Rosenau here undertakes the first systematic analysis of just how complex these profound global changes have become. Among his many conceptual innovations, he treats people-in-the-street as well as activists and elites as central players in what we call "globalization."

Deftly weaving striking insights into arresting prose, Rosenau traces the links and interactions between people at the individual level and institutions such as states, nongovernmental organizations, and transnational corporations at the collective level. In doing so he masterfully conveys how the emerging new reality has unfolded as events abroad increasingly pervade the routines of life at home and become, in effect, distant proximities.

Rosenau begins by distinguishing among various local, global, and private "worlds" in terms of their inhabitants' orientations toward developments elsewhere. He then proceeds to cogently analyze how the residents of these worlds shape and are shaped by the diverse collectivities that crowd the global stage and that sustain such issues as human rights, corruption, the global economy, and global governance.

Throughout this richly imaginative, fluidly written book, Rosenau examines how anti-globalization protests and the terrorist attacks on America amount to quintessential distant proximities. His book is thus a pathbreaking inquiry into the dynamics that lie beyond globalization, one that all thoughtful observers of the world scene will find penetrating and provocative.


"In this sweeping study of global change, Rosenau argues that the world is undergoing an epochal transformation driven by relentless scientific and technological advances that collapse time and distance and alter the dimensions of political space. . . . Rosenau convincingly illustrates the increasing complexity of global relationships."--Foreign Affairs

"James Rosenau's book is no doubt his magnum opus, providing a detailed, multi-faceted analysis of globalization's complexities in an ever-shrinking world of uncertainty, change, and contradiction."--Cecilia Ann Winters, Journal of Economic Issues


"The recently bygone bipolar world of the Cold War looks simple in comparison to the complexities of today's globalizing era. Professor James Rosenau, in this wide-ranging masterwork of conceptual synthesis, develops a new vocabulary--distant proximities, fragmegration, glocalization--to help us explore the contradictory impact on our times of worldwide economic and electronic integration; religious, ethnic, and tribal hatreds; information overload; and terrorism. Individuals, communities, nation-states, and international structures are all struggling to accommodate the dynamics of today's unprecedented social and economic change. Rosenau's powerful yet nuanced analysis encompasses the agenda of our times--income disparities, human rights violations, corruption, high tech violence--and he leaves us pondering whether global and community governance will be able to cope with the challenges of a fragmegrative world."--Richard H. Solomon, President, U.S. Institute of Peace

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