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The Children of Abraham:
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
New edition
F. E. Peters
With a foreword by John L. Esposito

One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2005

Paperback | 2006 | $24.95/ £16.95 | ISBN: 9780691127699
264 pp. | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

eBook | ISBN: 9781400821297 |
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F.E. Peters, a scholar without peer in the comparative study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, revisits his pioneering work after twenty-five years. Peters has rethought and thoroughly rewritten his classic The Children of Abraham for a new generation of readers-at a time when the understanding of these three religious traditions has taken on a new and critical urgency.

He began writing about all three faiths in the 1970s, long before it was fashionable to treat Islam in the context of Judaism and Christianity, or to align all three for a family portrait. In this updated edition, he lays out the similarities and differences of the three religious siblings with great clarity and succinctness and with that same remarkable objectivity that is the hallmark of all the author's work.

Peters traces the three faiths from the sixth century B.C., when the Jews returned to Palestine from exile in Babylonia, to the time in the Middle Ages when they approached their present form. He points out that all three faith groups, whom the Muslims themselves refer to as "People of the Book," share much common ground. Most notably, each embraces the practice of worshipping a God who intervenes in history on behalf of His people.

The book's text is direct and accessible with thorough and nuanced discussions of each of the three religions. Updated footnotes provide the reader with expert guidance into the highly complex issues that lie between every line of this stunning and timely new edition of The Children of Abraham.


"As John L. Esposito makes clear in his helpful foreword, Professor F.E. Peters' revision of this important, accessible discussion of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition is a welcome contribution for a new generation of readers facing an international political environment where respectful engagement is imperative."--Jewish Book World

"The new edition of Francis E. Peters' The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam . . . is written in a direct and accessible style with thorough and nuanced discussions of each of the three Abrahamic traditions. It is a welcome contribution for a new generation of readers facing an international political environment where respectful engagement is imperative. Updated footnotes provide expert guidance to the highly complex issues. . . . We have to try our best to understand other religions and our own. Perhaps Peters' book can help us in this."--Horst Jesse, European Legacy


"I know of no more measured and thoughtful historical survey of the formative development of the conjoined tradition of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic thought and practice than this one."--William A. Graham, Dean, Harvard Divinity School

"The Children of Abraham is a concise introduction to the work of a scholar who thinks about every aspect of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam 'in triplicate.' This new edition deserves a warm welcome."--Jack Miles, author of God: A Biography and Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God

"For many years this book has occupied a treasured spot on my shelves and I have recommended it countless times. A new, substantially rewritten edition could not be more welcome. There is simply no other volume that presents such broad erudition in a compact, accessible, and beautifully written format."--Jane Dammen McAuliffe, general editor of the Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an

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Table of Contents:

Foreword by John L.Esposito ix
Preface to the New Edition xv
Preface xvii
INTRODUCTION The Scriptures: Some Preliminary Notions 1
CHAPTER ONE The Promise and the Heirs 7
CHAPTER TWO A Contested Inheritance 21
CHAPTER THREE Community and Hierarchy 41
CHAPTER FIVE Scripture and Tradition 85
CHAPTER SIX The Worship of God 103
CHAPTER SEVEN Renunciation and Aspiration 116
CHAPTER EIGHT Thinking and Talking about God 138
EPILOGUE Sacred History 167
Notes 173
Glossary 213
Index 227

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