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Shorebirds of North America, Europe, and Asia:
A Guide to Field Identification
Stephen Message & Don Taylor

Paperback | 2006 | $35.00 | £27.95 | ISBN: 9780691126722
240 pp. | 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 | 80 color plates. 45 maps.
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Shorebirds of North America, Europe, and Asia is a quick-reference field guide to the sandpipers, plovers, stints, and other shorebirds found on these continents. The exhaustive and superbly detailed color plates show the birds at rest and in flight, and in every plumage variant likely to be encountered. Species are treated plumage by plumage alongside images of similar species they are otherwise likely to be confused with. Succinct text on pages facing the plates summarizes the key identification features of appearance, voice, and behavior. There is a color distribution map for each of the described species. This guide provides fast, easy, and reliable field identification of this challenging group of birds.

  • 80 color plates show full range of plumage types of all species covered
  • Concise facing text treats appearance, voice, and behavior
  • Clear color distribution map for each species
  • Definitive pictorial guide to the shorebirds of these continents


"How well does the book perform as a photographic guide? I used it this summer to solve a couple of questions I had . . . and it worked perfectly. How well does it perform as a book of bird photography? Even better. . . . [Shorebirds of North America, Europe, and Asia] is excellent and deserves a place on the waterbird enthusiast's bookshelf."--James A. Kushlan, Birding

"Its best feature is its division into two major sections, the first showing illustrations of shorebirds in standing poses and the second showing them in flight. Few shorebird identification guides give adequate space to shorebirds in flight. It's a great addition because extended wings may show patterns hidden by folded wings at rest."--Gary Clark, Houston Chronicle

"This is a handsome group of birds and the book's fine illustrations allow you to get to know these beauties better. In addition, the illustrations (by Stephen Message) are much larger than those in your average guide book. That makes it easy to see plumage detail, which can be very important when identifying shorebirds."--Jim Williams, Minneapolis Star Tribune


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Paperback: Not for sale in the Commonwealth (except Canada) and the European Union

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***Paperback: Not for sale in the Commonwealth (except Canada) and the European Union

  • For hardcover/paperback orders in United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Australia

 Paperback : $35.00 ISBN: 9780691126722

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  • For hardcover/paperback orders in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan

 Paperback  £27.95 ISBN: 9780691126722

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