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Birds of the World:
Recommended English Names
Frank Gill & Minturn Wright on behalf of the International Ornithological Congress

Paperback | 2006 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780691128276


This book provides the first standardized English-language nomenclature for all living birds of the world. While previous checklists, including those by Sibley and Monroe, Clements, and Howard and Moore, were primarily taxonomic works, Birds of the World provides English-language names based on the rules and principles developed by leading ornithologists worldwide and endorsed by members of the preeminent International Ornithological Congress.

The book's introduction includes background material on the project and discusses the authors' rationale for naming conventions. The list of over 10,000 names follows, in taxonomic order, with relevant scientific names and a brief description of the birds' breeding range.

  • The first standardized English-language nomenclature for all living birds
  • 10,000+ names, in taxonomic order
  • Includes scientific names and descriptions of birds' breeding range
  • Accompanying CD contains full text and additional information on species distribution


"A very valuable resource."--Ted Floyd, editor, Birding Magazine

"A 272-page compendium 16 years in the making that standardizes the English name of every bird species in existence--10,068, give or take. . . . Deciding among the names was a Solomonlike endeavor. Gill and Wright weighed tradition, history, culture, and biology as they culled the lists, awaiting input from a worldwide committee of more than two dozen."--Sandy Bauers, Philadelphia Inquirer

"An international bird lister's dream come true!"--Robert E. Hoopes, Wildlife Activist

"This book represents a major advance in naming the birds of the world. . . . Certainly every ornithologist and advanced birder should purchase this book, seriously consider its recommendations, and have it readily available in his or her reference library."--International Hawkwatcher


"This book will prove useful to English-speaking birdwatchers around the world and to ornithologists writing in English for an international audience."--David Wilcove, Princeton University

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