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The New Encyclopedia of Snakes
Chris Mattison

Hardcover | 2007 | $35.00 | ISBN: 9780691132952
272 pp. | 8 1/2 x 11 | 200 color plates.
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Comprehensive, up-to-date, and richly illustrated with some 200 color photographs, The New Encyclopedia of Snakes is the best single-volume reference on snakes. A thorough revision of the highly successful Encyclopedia of Snakes, Chris Mattison's new book is the only one of its kind to deal in detail with snakes from around the world. Addressing the natural history of snakes and their relationship with each other and with other groups of animals, the book incorporates new information on snake biology and classification and includes a complete list of every family and genus, with notes on each. Throughout, photographs show the fascinating variety of snake coloration and camouflage, and illustrate and clarify the many topics covered.

Organized thematically, the book addresses the origin and evolution of snakes; their morphology and function; how and where they live; their methods of feeding, defense, and reproduction; their taxonomy and classification; and their interaction with humans. The New Encyclopedia of Snakes is the ideal reference for anyone interested in snakes--whether they come across them in the wild, go looking for them, keep them captive, or are simply fascinated by them.

  • A comprehensive, up-to-date, and richly illustrated reference
  • Text enhanced by some 200 color photographs of snakes from all over the world
  • Easy-to-read fact boxes about topics of special interest


"Learn about snakes from around the world, the relationships between the species, snake biology--how and where they live, feed and reproduce--and how they interact with humans. This updated edition would make a great holiday gift for any young naturalist."--Lexington Herald Leader

"The New Encyclopedia of Snakes is a must-have... Mattison's work is a breathtaking wonder. How he managed to fill 271 pages with reams of scientific and plain entertaining information, then added 200 beautiful photographs that deal with every snake on this planet, is simply astonishing...It's all there, our American snakes, the Asian, Australian, African and European snakes, their lives, mating habits, raising of young, feeding and potential threat to humans who bother them. You will be blown away by the color photography, but you also will begin to read and probably not stop for a long time."--Gene Muller, Washington Times

"This revised and updated edition of The Encyclopedia of Snakes delivers three new snake families and 400 new species. [As] the most comprehensive of Mattison's herpetology texts this edition covers all aspects of snake biology and habitat...The work contains a wealth of information about our scaled friends, including patterns of distribution and matters relating to evolution and morphology, feeding, reproduction, and defensive strategies...Full of some 200 marvelous color photographs, this captivating work will appeal to students and snake lovers everywhere. Scholarly enough to serve as a core resource for herpetologists but also readable, it deserves a wide audience."--Kelli Perkins, Library Journal

"[T]his text with its incredible close-ups of iridescent scales and vertical-slit eyes and gaping pink-lined jaws details the where, why and how of snakes' lives."--Marcy Smith, Raleigh News & Observer

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***Hardcover: For sale only in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines

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 Hardcover : $35.00 ISBN: 9780691132952

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