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The Movie Edition
Edwin A. Abbott with Thomas Banchoff and the Filmmakers of Flatland

Hardcover | 2008 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780691136578


Edwin Abbott's beloved mathematical adventure novel Flatland (1884) is being introduced to a whole new generation of readers and viewers through Flatland: The Movie, a dramatic computer-animated adaptation starring Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Michael York, Tony Hale, and Joe Estevez. This book is the companion to the movie--and the ultimate edition of the classic book on which it is based. A beautiful, large-format volume, Flatland: The Movie Edition includes: the full text of the original novel; the screenplay of the movie; essays on the making of the movie by the writers and filmmakers--producer Seth Caplan, director Jeffrey Travis, and director and animator Dano Johnson; color illustrations; and a new introduction by Thomas Banchoff, a Brown University mathematician and Flatland authority who served as an advisor to the filmmakers. By describing the challenges the filmmakers faced in updating a Victorian mathematical allegory for a new generation and transforming it into a compelling animated story, Flatland: The Movie Edition makes watching the movie and reading Abbott's book even more illuminating and enjoyable. You'll never think about the multiple dimensions of space in the same way again.


"The book is the companion piece to a 2007 animated movie, but whether you see the movie or not, the book is a must-read. If you've never thought much about why we inhabit only three dimensions, it may turn your world inside out."--Laurence A. Marschall, Natural History

"Flatland fueled my interest in mathematics and creative thinking when I was a child. Now this classic story has been reinterpreted as a gloriously vivid movie that will excite both children and adults. This book completes the movie experience by providing the original book, the screenplay of the movie, and comments by the filmmakers."--Scott Kim, Discover Magazine

"Flatland has inspired many sequels over the years since its publication, but the epithet 'original and best' strikes me as apt. Abbott displays marvelously playful inventiveness and sharp satirical intent. . . . It remains a splendidly readable book for formative minds of all ages."--Nick Lord, Mathematical Gazette

"The ultimate edition of the classic book."--The Providence Journal

"Edwin Abbott's 1884 classic is billed here as a mathematical story, designed to stimulate young imaginations. But the tale of a two-dimensional 'Flatland' and a visiting sphere, who introduces the Gospel of the Three Dimensions, is also a timeless satire on class privilege. A delightful piece of science fiction, it explores how a 2D world might actually work. The book is nicely presented, and includes the full text of the original novel, the screenplay for the forthcoming film, commentaries from the filmmakers and stunning colour art taken from the film."--New Scientist

"This new edition of the classic book maintains all the appeal of the original well-read and well-loved version."--Mathematics Teacher

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File created: 7/31/2015

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