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Stars and Planets:
The Most Complete Guide to the Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and the Solar System
Fully Revised and Expanded Edition
Ian Ridpath & Wil Tirion

Paperback | 2008 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9780691135564


In this new edition of their classic work, Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion illuminate the night sky as never before, providing novice stargazers and professional astronomers alike with the most comprehensive and authoritative celestial field guide available. With superb color sky charts, diagrams, or photographs on almost every page, and clear and engaging writing, Stars and Planets is the most user-friendly and informative guide to the night sky. The product of more than twenty years' collaboration between one of the world's leading astronomy writers and the world's foremost celestial mapmaker, the new Stars and Planets features a slightly larger (but still compact) size, a more spacious and attractive design, and much new material, including more information on galaxies and star types. Simply put, Stars and Planets is indispensable. Don't leave home--at night--without it.

  • Detailed charts covering all 88 constellations in the Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • Data and notes on all bright stars and other objects of interest
  • Detailed Moon maps and descriptions of the main lunar features
  • Tips on choosing and using binoculars and telescopes, to suit any budget
  • The only guide to provide annual planetary data as a downloadable Web resource


"Though it is small enough to fit into a coat pocket on a cool, dark evening, the amount of the material within could fill volumes. The book seems designed to convert curious readers into stargazers...This is your atlas to the observable universe."--Science News

"New space enthusiasts will enjoy hundreds of images surrounded by Ian Ridpath's splendid, up-to-date overviews of every topic in this book's lengthy subtitle. It's a very digestible introduction to astronomy and planetary science. . . . The Moon maps section is the best I've ever seen. And observers who don't already cherish his Sky Atlas 2000.0 will relish Wil Tirion's 100+ elegant but content-rich sky maps. . . . [I]t's an accurate and handy reference book that has helped even this seasoned astronomer."--Tania Burchell, Sky & Telescope

Praise for previous editions: "This marvelously dense field guide tells you everything you need to know to find your way around the sky, whether you are an eager novice who is just looking around or a serious observer using binoculars or a telescope."--Discover

Praise for previous editions: "[A] first-class pocket field guide to the sky . . . . The charts, by Wil Tirion, are what we would expect of this master of celestial cartography; they are uncluttered, easy to read, and compress many (but not too many!) objects in a small space…. [A] very nicely produced book."--John Mosley, Planetarian

Praise for previous editions: "The handy size, copious illustrations, maps, and charts, as well as the latest in astrophotography throughout . . . practically beg[s] astronomers to take [Stars and Planets] along to star parties."--Astronomy

Praise for previous editions: "[C]omprehensive yet compact . . . this beautiful guide is suitable for amateurs and novices as well as stargazers more acquainted with navigating their night skies."--Irene Wanner, Seattle Times

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File created: 2/24/2017

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