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Princeton Readings in American Politics
Edited by Richard M. Valelly

Paperback | 2009 | $52.50 / £36.95 | ISBN: 9780691124728
656 pp. | 7 x 10 | 45 line illus. 43 tables. 1 map.

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Princeton Readings in American Politics offers an exciting and challenging new way to learn about American politics. It brings together political science that has stood the test of time and recent cutting-edge analyses to acquaint undergraduate and graduate students with the substantive, conceptual, and methodological foundations they need to make sense of American politics today.

Princeton Readings in American Politics features writings by such eminent scholars as Larry M. Bartels, Robert Dahl, Martha Derthick, Howard Gillman, Jacob Hacker, Kay L. Schlozman, Deborah Stone, Marta Tienda, and Kent Weaver, among others. The book is organized in sections that cover the major American political institutions--the presidency, Congress, the courts--as well as core topics such as political parties, macroeconomic management, voting and elections, policymaking, public opinion, and federalism. Richard Valelly provides an insightful general introduction to political science as a vibrant form of inquiry, as well as a succinct, informative introduction to each reading.

Rigorous yet accessible, Princeton Readings in American Politics can serve as a primary textbook or as a supplement to standard introductory texts.

  • Offers an exciting new way to learn about American politics
  • Features accessible scholarship by leading political scientists
  • Covers all the major topics
  • Serves as a primary textbook or supplementary reader for undergraduate and graduate students


"This book brings together political science that has stood the test of time and recent cutting-edge analyses to acquaint students with what they need to make sense of American politics today."--Times Higher Education

"An extremely useful American Politics 101 (or maybe more like 201) that in a decent world would be read by the large number of political junkies and political professionals who don't have much exposure to the formal study of US politics."--Matthew Yglesias, Yglesias blog

"An excellent resource for journalists and others who are interested in a one-stop 'Everything You Want to Know About Americanist Political Science but Were Afraid to Ask' collection. . . . Recommended."--Henry Farrell, Monkey Cage


"Princeton Readings in American Politics embeds the basics in a searching inquiry of who rules America and how the exercise of power satisfies or disappoints our concern for justice. Sophisticated yet accessible, this volume masterfully draws students into a critical examination of self-government."--Sidney M. Milkis, University of Virginia

"This is a distinctive collection of readings, a genuine intellectual departure from the usual American politics reader. Those looking for a fresh vision in this venerable field will find it here."--Christopher H. Achen, Princeton University

"A superb introduction to American politics, and to the discipline of political science, both rigorous and accessible."--H. N. Hirsch, Oberlin College

"Typically, introductory textbooks leave students adrift in a sea of facts and colorful graphics. Valelly has higher ambitions: he wants to help students think rigorously and deeply about American politics. This volume, based on the work of prominent social scientists, will give readers the ability, and desire, to learn more. It seems fitting that a book about power should be so empowering."--Christopher Howard, College of William and Mary

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