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Mammals of North America APP
Roland W. Kays & Don E. Wilson


APP | 2011 | ISBN: 9781400841196


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Primary Category: Reference | Secondary Category: Book


  • iOS 3.0 or later: iPhone, iPod touch (2nd GEN), iPad
  • Android 1.6 and up

Paperback Edition

The best-selling Princeton field guide to the land and marine mammals of the United States and Canada is now available in digital form on the App Store and Android Market.

All the beautiful and accurate illustrations as well as the easy-to-use functionality of the book have been kept while also adding extra features such as:

  • The ability to expand the high-resolution images by tapping or rotating the device
  • Photographs that complement the illustrations of certain species
  • Calls for over 150 species (including multiple calls for some species)
  • Quick swiping through the 462 mammals
  • The ability to easily find a species using either common or scientific names and in taxonomic or alphabetic order
  • The ability to only show species for a specified postal code
  • A compare feature that lets you view two species at the same time on the same screen
  • Interactive tracks that quickly link to the associated mammal
  • A personal record of mammal sightings that can be exported using e-mail

*Uninstalling/reinstalling the program will result in the loss of your list; it is recommended that you export the list regularly to avoid any loss of data.

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Apps Copyright: 2011 Cool Ideas LLC


"The controls are intuitive, and users will learn quickly how to access information about each species by tapping on different parts of the screen. Readers can search by common or scientific names, and can have the list of animals ordered alphabetically or taxonomically. Under 'Smart Search' entries can be accessed by such categories as 'seagoing mammals' and 'carnivores.' A glossary is also available. In many ways, this app is more valuable than the original book as a tool for anyone who needs help identifying mammals."--Andrea Lipinski, Touch and Go blog (School Library Journal)

"With over 400 mammals listed in this comprehensive book, you are sure to be a nature expert in no time. This book app is loaded with 462 land and marine mammals for you to learn about. Each mammal has at least one, usually more, illustrated representation. Most include a scat or 'droppings' drawing and many show a representation of the mammal's tracks. There are also over 150 audio clips of sounds that some of the mammals make. You can hear the howl of a wolf, the high-pitched whine of a vole or the eerie growl of a raccoon. . . . Overall, this is an exciting and educational digital book that offers hours of engagement."

"The architecture of the app is very similar to the Sibley eGuide and I think it is an intuitive, friendly & information-rich interface. For those wishing for a comprehensive guide to our taxonomic classmates without dragging another book along, this is an amazing resource to squeeze into one's smartphone."--Bill Schmoker, American Birding Association Blog

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