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Birds in a Village:
A Century On
W. H. Hudson & Brian Clews

Hardcover | 2006 | $22.95 / £15.95 | ISBN: 9781903657157
136 pp. | 6 x 9 1/2 | 57 color and B&W photos. | SHOPPING CART


This fascinating book includes W. H. Hudson's original 1893 account of the birds found in a village in southeast England and compares the species and populations that occurred then with those that are present today. The striking differences are explored in relation to changes in the countryside during the intervening century and through anecdotes gathered from local residents.

  • Incorporating the original text of W. H. Hudson (cofounder of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) from ca. 1893
  • Species accounts of birds in typical rural villages at that time
  • Behavior of countryside birds and our relationship with them
  • A reminder of a slower pace of life
  • A reflection on the many changes in village life and its effects on birdlife down the years to the present time
  • Containing anecdotal considerations of birds and our current generation's knowledge of them
  • Illustrated in sepia and full-color images


"Brian Clews' Birds in a Village: A Century On illustrates beautifully how changes in farming practice and domestic activities can drastically alter the balance of nature."--Andy Gorman

"[A] fascinating commentary on changes not only in bird-life, but also in social attitudes over the past century."--Peter Oliver, London Naturalist

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