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Britain's Dragonflies:
A Field Guide to the Damselflies and Dragonflies of Britain and Ireland
Fully Revised and Updated Second edition
Dave Smallshire & Andy Swash

Paperback | 2010 | This edition is out of print | ISBN: 9781903657294


This is a comprehensive photographic field guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of Britain and Ireland. This completely revised second edition covers in detail the identification of all 56 species that have been recorded, as well as 7 potential vagrants. It aims to help the dragonfly-watcher--beginner or expert--to identify any species they encounter.

  • Stunning color plates of all species--showing males, females, immatures, and color forms
  • Innovative, beautifully detailed, and easy-to-use identification charts summarizing the key features of both adults and larvae
  • Detailed species profiles covering adult identification, distribution (with up-to-date maps), flight periods, eggs and larvae, behavior, habitat requirements, status, and conservation
  • Sections on biology, habitats, tips on how and where to watch dragonflies, and other useful information
  • A guide on when and where to find each species
  • A companion iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app is available for this guide


"This delightful and profusely illustrated guidebook tells you anything you might reasonably wish to know about dragonflies and damselflies."--Ron Toft,

"The colour plates of all species, showing males, females, immatures, and colour forms are excellent, quite lovely in fact, and the detailed easy to use identification charts summarise the key features of adults and larvae. . . . Using this delightful and informative book the beginner or expert can identify any species they encounter."--Trevor Beer, Western Morning News

File created: 7/31/2015

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