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A Dictionary of
20th-Century Communism
List of Entries
List of Contributors

Would you like to display the image on the left--with links to our page describing A Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism, to the Introduction, the Alphabetical List of Entries, and the Directory of Contributors--on one of your own web pages? We've made it easy to do so by means of the widget you clicked on the previous page, to which you can return by clicking here. Just click on the snippet of code in the middle of the widget, then copy and paste it into the page where you would like it to appear.

Technically speaking, a widget is a snippet of code that, when implanted in a web page, produces an image and links like this. But the term is often applied as well to the object on the page that offers up the snippet for copying. Widgets have become quite popular on social networking sites and as a vehicle for what has come to be called "viral marketing."

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