2017-2018 Exhibits Schedule

Princeton University Press attends and exhibits at numerous scholarly and bookseller meetings throughout the year. Here are listings of the major meetings Princeton University Press is attending in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Stop by our booth to browse or to buy our new and forthcoming books at meeting discount rates.

Economic History Society
Royal Holloway, University of London, UK   3/31-4/2/2017

Association of Art Historians
Loughborough University, UK   4/6-4/8/2017

Midwest Political Science Association
Chicago, IL   4/6-4/9/2017

Organization of American Historians
New Orleans, LA   4/6-4/9/2017

The 2017 Royal Economic Society
Bristol, UK    4/10-4/12/2017

American Philosophical Association-Pacific Division
Seattle, WA   4/12-4/15/2017

The Classical Association
University of Kent, Canterbury, UK   4/26-4/29/2017

Book Expo America
New York, NY   5/31-6/2/2017

Society of Architectural Historians
Glasgow, Scotland   6/7-6/11/2017

North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society
St. Louis, MO    6/15-6/18/2017

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Arlington, VA    6/22-6/24/2017

Society for the Study of Evolution
Portland, OR    6/23-6/27/2017

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory
Aachen, Germany    6/25-6/30/2017

International Medieval Congress
University of Leeds, UK    7/3-7/6/2017

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Pittsburgh, PA    7/10-7/14/2017

MAA Mathfest 2017
Chicago, IL   7/26-7/29/2017

Ecological Society of America
Portland, OR   8/6-8/11/2017

American Sociological Association
Montreal, Quebec   8/12-8/15/2017

The European Economic Association-European Meeting of the Econometric Society
Lisbon, Portugal    8/21-8/25/2017

American Political Science Association
San Francisco, CA    8/31-9/3/2017

Midwest Birding Symposium
Bay City, MI   9/10-9/13/2017

American Birding Expo 2017
Oaks, PA   9/29-10/1/2017

Brooklyn Book Festival
Brooklyn, NY   9/17/2017

NJ Audubon Cape May Autumn Festival/The Bird Show
Cape May, NJ   10/20-10/22/2017

Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival
Harlingen, TX    11/8-11/12/2017

History of Science Society
Toronto, Ontario   11/9-11/12/2017

National Association of Biology Teachers
St. Louis, MO   11/9-11/12/2017

Society for Neuroscience
Washington, DC   11/11-11/15/2017

American Anthropological Association
Washington, DC   11/29-12/3/2017

Middle East Studies Association
Washington, DC   11/18-11/21/2017

American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature
Boston, MA   11/18-11/21/2017

IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
Las Vegas, NV   12/12-12/14/2016

American Geophysical Union-Fall Meeting
New Orleans, LA   12/11-12/15/2017

Association for Jewish Studies
Washington, DC   12/17-12/19/2017

American Philosophical Association-Eastern Division
Savannah, GA   1/3-1/6/2018

American Historical Association
Washington, DC   1/4-1/7/2018

Archaeological Institute of America/Society for Classical Studies
Boston, MA   1/4-1/7/2018

Modern Language Association
New York, NY   1/4-1/7/2018

Allied Social Science Associations
Philadelphia, PA   1/5-1/7/2018

American Astronomical Society
National Harbor, MD    1/7/1-1/11/2018

Joint Mathematics Meetings
San Diego, CA   1/10-1/13/2018

Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival
Titusville, FL   1/24-1/29/2018

2018 Information Theory and Its Applications Workshop
San Diego, CA   2/12-2/16/2018

SIGCSE-ACM Technical Symposium on Computing Science
Baltimore, MD   2/22-2/24/2018

College Art Association
Los Angeles, CA   2/21-2/24/2018

American Physical Society-March Meeting
Los Angeles, CA   3/5-3/9/2018

American Philosophical Association-Pacific Division
San Diego, CA   3/28-4/1/2018

Royal Economic Society
San Francisco   April 2018

International Studies Association
San Francisco   4/4-4/7/2018

Midwest Political Science Association
Chicago, IL   4/5-4/8/2018

The Classical Association
University of Leicester, UK   4/6-4/9/2018

Organization of American Historians
Sacramento, CA   4/12-4/14/2018

American Physical Society-April Meeting
Columbus, OH   4/14-4/17/2018

Society of Architectural Historians
St. Paul, MN   4/18-4/22/2018

The Biggest Week in American Birding
Oregon, OH   5/4-5/13/2018

Book Expo America
Chicago, IL   May 2018

STOC-ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing
Los Angeles, CA   June 2018

North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society
TBA    June 2018

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory
Vail, CO    6/17-6/22/2018

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Philadelphia, PA    6/21-6/23/2018