Copyright Information Form And Permissions Log - Completion Instructions

How to fill out the Copyright Information Form and permissions logs:

Note that there are three tabs at the bottom of the Excel document. Please fill out each worksheet as thoroughly as possible. Please return the completed form as an attachment, together with all relevant permissions documentation.

  • Copyright Information Form (CIF): All authors should fill out the CIF worksheet as it is necessary to register your book for copyright.
  • Text Permissions Log: please list any quotations being used as epigraphs, song lyrics, and poetry, any material in the book that is derived (even if it has been greatly expanded or revised) from previously published articles or chapters, and any quotations in excess of %% of the original work..
  • Figures Permissions Log: you should account for all figures/plates/illustrations in the book, including the ones that do not need permission. For figures you created or someone created for you, indicate "original" in the third column. For a figure from another source, indicate "reproduction" if it will be printed from a file (or hard copy) supplied to you; "redrawn" (if, e.g., you or we create the file to be printed by tracing exactly a previously published image), or "modified" (if the entire figure is based on a previously published figure but has been redrawn with changes).

To access the CIF, please save the following excel document to your computer.

Right click and choose "Save Link As..." to your desktop. This will download an editable xls file.

* Please note that the form will not display properly if you attempt to open it from the browser without saving the document to your computer.

CIF and Permissions Log.xlsx