Ross BaytonThe Gardener's Botanical: An Encyclopedia of Latin Plant Names - with More than 5,000 Entries

Scientific plant names are an invaluable tool for those who understand them.

Formed from Greek and, more commonly, from Latin root words, not only do they make it possible for gardeners and botanists to communicate, they also contain a wealth of hidden information. Horticultural author Ross Bayton joins us with a deep dive into this intricate world, revealing a breathtaking array of botanical definitions and information. Bayton presents a crash course in plant history, ruminating on the origin and significance of the Latin plant names we encounter every day. Drawing from his new book The Gardener’s Botanical, Bayton unlocks the secrets of plants both everyday and obscure, offering unique facts, name etymology, gorgeous full color illustrations, and more. Unlock the secret (and not-so-secret) origins of the growing world around us with Bayton’s illuminating exploration of the plants all around us.

About the Author

Ross Bayton is a horticulturalist and freelance editor. His books include RHS Genealogy for Gardeners: Plant Families Explained and ExploredRHS Gardening School: Everything You Need to Know to Garden Like a Professional, and RHS Colour Companion: A Visual Dictionary of Colour for Gardeners.