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Roman Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University


Oct 14, 2001
8.5 x 11 in.
12 color + 394 duotone illus.
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Fully illustrated, with over four hundred specially commissioned photographs, including twelve color plates, this book joins its companion volume, Greek Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University, to offer one of the most comprehensive scholarly publications of any collection of classical sculpture in the United States. Edited by J. Michael Padgett, Associate Curator of Ancient Art, the catalogue is a collaborative project with entries on 163 sculptures by sixteen authors, including Hugo Meyer, Michaela Fuchs, Michal Gawlikowski, Robert Wenning, Christopher Moss, and John Pollini.

Each entry features a full description and analysis, with updated bibliography, accompanied by multiple views of the object. Among the works catalogued are some of the finest Roman sculptures in America: marble portraits of the emperors Augustus and Marcus Aurelius; two rare bronze heads of women from the reigns of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian; a statue of the wine god Dionysos draped with a panther skin; a relief of the god Silvanus holding the viscera of a sacrificial animal; and sarcophagi with reliefs of the infancy of Dionysos and Herakles battling the centaurs. Never exhibited and seldom seen by scholars, eighty-five pieces from the Princeton excavations at Antioch are here fully catalogued for the first time. Useful concordances and a comprehensive index complete a catalogue that will be a valuable addition to the collection of every university library and the bookshelf of every student of ancient Rome.