Backyard Birds and Blossoms: Nurturing Your Nature at Home

    Illustrated by
  • Brenda Lyons


$15.95 / £13.99
10.75 x 9.88 in.
114 b/w illus.
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Coloring enthusiasts, bird lovers, and flower gardeners will all delight in our biggest and most exciting new coloring book, Backyard Birds and Blossoms. This exciting new coloring book is set at home where the majority of America’s birders and gardeners live and interact with nature every day.

Featuring glorious backyard birds with flowering annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and vines, each coloring page is intricately designed with scientific accuracy to create real and true connections with nature at home. As a BONUS feature, we’ve included a 30” wide poster that can be removed and colored for a wonderful extended experience. And this is our first coloring book to include our FREE downloadable BIRD QR app to tap, listen to bird sounds, and learn.

Backyard Birds and Blossoms is the third adult coloring title from leading bird authority, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and this one dives deeper into what birders love as they enjoy their own personal “great outdoors” at home. For this special coloring book, we’ve assembled an “A-team” of contributors—Dr. Emma Ileana Greig, the Cornell Lab’s Director of the renowned “citizen science” platform, Project FeederWatch; Stacy Tornio, former editor of Birds & Blooms Magazine and author of Bird Brainiacs; and Brenda Lyons, the illustrator who brought us America’s Favorite Birds.