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At the Cusp of Modernity: Religion, Science, Virtue, Economy

New Books from Saint Louis University Faculty

The contemporary, globalized world is a complex place born of particular cultural histories. Modern religion, ethics, science, technology, and medicine emerge out of particular places, with particular histories, which shape the global reach of modernity. In their own way, each of these books explores complexities at the cusp of modernity around the perennial questions of religion, science, virtue, bioethics, history, and political economy.

Featured Authors:
Jeffrey P. Bishop (Center for Health Care Ethics, CREST)
Emily Dumler-Winckler (Theological Studies, CREST)
Mary Dunn (Theological Studies, CRGC)
Grant Kaplan (Theological Studies)
Charles Parker (History, CRGC)

Mary Dunn is associate professor of early modern Christianity at Saint Louis University. Her books include The Cruelest of All Mothers and Religious Intimacies.