Jennifer MortonMoving Up without Losing Your Way: The Ethical Costs of Upward Mobility


On December 10 join us for an Inclusive Teaching at Princeton series event in Betts Auditorium at 4:30 p.m. The speaker, Jennifer Morton ’02, currently associate professor of Philosophy at CCNY, is the author of Moving Up without Losing Your Way: The Ethical Costs of Upward Mobility, in which she explores the ethical and emotional tolls paid by disadvantaged students seeking upward mobility and what educators can do to help these students flourish. In a recent essay published in Vox  she reflected powerfully about her own experience as a first generation Latina student at Princeton from 1998-2002 in the context of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. In her upcoming talk at Princeton, she will bring this perspective and help us think about how we can make higher education more accessible and inclusive for students of all backgrounds.

About the Author


Jennifer M. Morton is associate professor of philosophy at the City College of New York and the Graduate Center, CUNY and senior fellow at the Center for Ethics and Education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.