Sean Cole and Mike Waller at Global BirdfairBritain's Orchids

  • The first book to cover all the species at all stages of development, as well as all subspecies, varieties and confirmed hybrids
  • Lavishly illustrated with 98 beautiful watercolour plates
  • More than 1,200 stunning photos showing the orchids in their natural settings and highlighting key identification features
  • Simple, step-by-step system for identifying almost any orchid you encounter
  • Up-to-date distribution maps and seasonal charts showing when each species can be seen in its various stages of development

    Covering all fifty-one native species and twelve of uncertain origin, as well as hybrids and variants, Britain’s Orchids is an engaging, intuitive and in-depth identification guide to all the orchids of Britain and Ireland at all stages of development, from first emergence to setting seed. Drawing on the authors’ extensive field experience and the latest scientific research, the book uses multiple techniques to help both beginner and more advanced orchid enthusiasts to identify even the most difficult plants. It is beautifully illustrated with watercolour paintings by talented artist Sarah Stribbling, and features more than 1,200 evocative, instructive and detailed photographs. Orchids have long fired the imagination with their beauty and rarity. This book aims to ignite or increase your passion for these special plants, and for the conservation of their varied habitats—from remote mountaintops to urban wild spaces.

    Sean Cole is a field naturalist who has been studying orchids for more than twenty years, with special interests in identification, taxonomy and pollination. He has published many articles on British orchids, including his speciality, the Ghost Orchid. Mike Waller is an ecologist and botanist who specialises in European orchids. He has worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Natural History Museum in London, the London Wildlife Trust and Plantlife. Twitter @Britainsorchids Instagram @britains_orchids_book