Virtual Event: Leonard Barkan at UCI School of HumanitiesThe Hungry Eye


Leonard Barkan, “The Hungry Eye: Eating, Drinking, and European Culture from Rome to the Renaissance”

In this lively conversation and kitchen demonstration, scholar and author Leonard Barkan will share insights from his new book, The Hungry Eye, and Chef Jessica Van Roo will demonstrate recipes from the Renaissance.

Leonard Barkan (Princeton University) is the author of The Gods Made Flesh: Metamorphosis and the Pursuit of Paganism (Yale, 1986) and Unearthing the Past: Archaeology and Aesthetics in the Making of Renaissance Culture (Yale, 1999), which won prizes from the Modern Language Association, the College Art Association, the American Comparative Literature Association, Architectural Digest, and Phi Beta Kappa. He has been an actor and a director; he is also a regular contributor to publications in both the U.S. and Italy on the subject of food and wine.  He is the author of Satyr Square, which is an account of art, literature, food, wine, Italy, and himself.  In recent years, he has published Michelangelo:  A Life on Paper (Princeton, 2010), which treats the artist’s creative and inner life by considering his constant habit of writing words on his drawings, and Mute Poetry, Speaking Pictures (Princeton, 2012), an essay about the intersecting worlds of artists and writers from Plato and Praxiteles to Shakespeare and Rembrandt.