Virtual Event: Jim Al-Khalili at the York Festival of IdeasThe Joy of Science

Today’s world is unpredictable and full of contradictions, and navigating its complexities while trying to make the best decisions is far from easy. 

The scientific method has served humankind well in its quest to see things as they really are, and underpinning it are core principles that can help us all navigate modern life more confidently. 

At this event, quantum physicist, New York Times bestselling author and BBC host Jim Al-Khalili reveals how eight lessons from the heart of science can help you get the most out of life. 

Learn about:

  • The nature of truth and uncertainty;
  • The role of doubt;
  • The pros and cons of simplification; 
  • The value of guarding against bias;
  • The importance of evidence-based thinking; 
  • And more!

Discover the joy of science, become empowered to think more objectively, see through the fog of your own preexisting beliefs and lead a more fulfilling life.

This event will take place live on Zoom Webinar. You’ll receive a link to join a couple of days before the event takes place and a reminder an hour before. During the event, you can ask questions via a Q&A function, but audience cameras and microphones will remain muted throughout.

Jim Al-Khalili is Distinguished Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Surrey and one of Britain’s best-known science communicators. He has written numerous books, including The World According to Physics (Princeton); Quantum: A Guide for the Perplexed; and Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology. He is a fellow of the Royal Society and lives in Southsea, England.

Twitter @jimalkhalili