Virtual Event: Joan Maloof, Delaware Nature SocietyTreepedia


Trees are the largest of plants, and the forests that they create when they grow together unimpeded are habitat for many species. The complex structure of a forest that has been left to grow naturally for hundreds, or even thousands of years creates the very best habitat for species from salamanders to fungi. Even the dead and dying trees play an important role in these ancient forests. Join Dr. Joan Maloof as she discuss how to recognize old-growth forests, and what makes them so special. She will also share information about the organization she founded – the Old-Growth Forest Network. Dr. Maloof, Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University, is the author of several books about old-growth forest including: The Living Forest: A Visual Journey into the Heart of the Woods; Nature’s Temples: The Complex World of Old-Growth Forests; Among the Ancients: Adventures in the Eastern Old-Growth Forests; Teaching the Trees: Lessons from the Forest; and most recently, Treepedia: A Brief Compendium of Arboreal Lore.

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